One and One

from by Lamar Holley



One and one make two.
Two and two make four,
But I never wanted more.
And I only wanted less.
And I had to second guess.
Now I've made a mess.

One and one make me.
Four and four make eight,
But I wanted it too late.
I let it go too soon.
It rose like a balloon.
I froze like a cartoon.

Count the minutes, count the years I wasted.
Count mistakes, and count the tears I tasted.
Count the hours, count the days I waited.
Count regrets, and count the ways I hated life.

One and one need two.
Five and five make ten.
Though I wanted it to end,
I'll make a brand new start
From pieces torn apart.
I'm giving you my heart.

Count the inches, count the yards I'm making.
Count the blessings, count the cards I'm taking.
Count the seconds, count the breaths I'm given.
Count the people, count the deaths. I'm living life!

One and one make do.
I and I need you.
I and you "I do."
One and one make four.
Now we want some more.


from The Color of Day, released November 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Songboy Salt Lake City, Utah

Songboy is singer-songwriter Lamar Holley. He writes cartoon pop: songs for the kid in all of us.

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